Meridian Woman Witnesses Attempted Burglary

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Meridian, Miss. A Meridian woman was enjoying a quiet night on the porch when she says something caught her eye.

Jena Hayes says she watched in disbelief Thursday night as a man walked up to her neighbor's front door on Grandview Avenue and attempted to make entry. Hayes was on her porch while it was all unfolding.

"And I saw a man carrying some kind of tool," Hayes recalls. "Kind of like a crow bar maybe, approaching my neighbor's house and he proceeded to go to the front door and try and get inside the house. Thank goodness he was unsuccessful and walked away."

Hayes tells Newscenter 11 she immediately called police, who quickly arrived and searched the area for the suspect. Now, neighbors are even more on alert.

"Well, I'm seeing this and I can't believe I'm actually seeing this," Hayes explains. "That this is actually happening across the street from me. And, we have small children so I'm always on guard, especially more lately because of all this crime that's going on."

The Meridian Police Department tells us Hayes was right to call police as soon as she saw something suspicious. Investigators say in many cases, this gives them the upper hand in tracking down the suspect, especially if you can provide a detailed description. Police admit it's possible the suspect could attempt another burglary in the area.

"We're going to be on guard for sure," Hayes points out. "Especially with the holidays approaching and I'm just scared it's going to get worse. Just look out for your neighbors."

MPD says officers have been patrolling the area of Grandview Avenue area heavily, even before this recent incident. If you have any information on the suspect, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.