Clarkdale Burglary Suspects in Custody

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says it spent Friday questioning multiple persons of interest in a burglary at Clarkdale High School on Wednesday.

No formal charges have been filed at this point because the investigation has broadened, according to Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun. He tells Newscenter 11 the multiple persons of interest may be responsible for other crimes in our area.

"To include other crimes," Calhoun says. "To include other individuals in other counties. We're still working with other agencies, so at this time, our investigation is ongoing."

Calhoun says it is possible some of those stolen band instruments could have been already been sold since being stolen on Wednesday. Lauderdale County investigators will be spending the weekend tracking down any additional persons of interest in this case.

"If there's anyone in our community that's purchased a computer or musical instrument from an individual, not at a store," Calhoun cautions. "From someone they know or maybe don't know, they have a suspicion that item might be stolen, now would be a good time for them to contact the sheriff's department."

The good news here is that some of the stolen equipment from Clarkdale High School has already been recovered. Calhoun says information from members of the Clarkdale community is to thank for bringing them to this point in the investigation. Of course, this burglary happened just one day after Sumter Academy was burglarized earlier this week.

"Investigators are certainly aware of that and I believe they have been in contact with some of the investigators over in Sumter County," Calhoun points out. "And we'll be looking at that angle, as well as other crimes in our community that have been committed by these same individuals."

If you believe you have somehow come in contact with a stolen piece of equipment, please contact the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department at 601-482-9806. You can also contact the Crimestoppers line at 601-485-1860.