Lost Gap "Disturbance"

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More than two dozen inmates from the East Mississippi Correctional Facility at Lost Gap, near Meridian, were moved to the state penitentiary at Parchman Wednesday after a disturbance.

Prison officials say 29 inmates were identified as having played a part in Tuesday's night unrest. Warden Larry Greer said they were moved to the state prison at Parchman.

Officials say the disturbance began about 6:30 p.m. and lasted about two hours, with the inmates refusing to return to their cells. Emergency personnel used chemical agents to regain control.

Greer said the disturbance ended without serious injury to the inmates or the staff. In a written statement, the correctional facility said events leading up to the unrest were under review.

The 750-bed prison is located off U.S. 80 at Lost Gap, west of Meridian. It is operated by the Florida-based Wackenhut Corporation.

Greer became the prison warden in October, replacing Aaron Jagers, who left to become warden of Wackenhut's prison in Marshall County.