Weaver Relieved of Command

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Col. David Weaver has been relieved of his command of the 186th Air Refueling Wing at Key Field. Weaver was placed on administrative leave with pay. Col. Joe Spraggin of Gulfport is now acting commander at the 186th Air Wing.

Col. Weaver was at the heart of the controversy surrounding the leadership of the 186th that came to light this week.

That controversy included charges of racism, falsification of documents and 14 other charges.

The adjutant general's office of the Mississippi National Guard would not speak to the changes Wednesday, saying it involved personnel matters.

But Maj. Gen. James Lipscomb did issue a statement to Newscenter 11. It stated:

  • He has completed his review of the Inspector General's report and has initiated disciplinary action.

  • Any individuals receiving notice of disciplinary action will be afforded due process in the matter in order to rebut the allegations made against them.

  • General Lipscomb will follow the letter of the law in dealing with disciplinary and personnel matters.

  • The allegations made in the Inspector General's report are serious and the adjutant general wants to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

  • It would be inappropriate to comment on any of the allegations and the personnel involved, these are personnel and disciplinary matters and there are privacy concerns.

  • Any changes in staff due to disciplinary actions resulting from the findings of the inspector general's report are personnel matters.

  • It would be inappropriate to comment at this time.