Kemper County Shooting Latest

An investigation is underway into a weekend shooting in Kemper County. It happened around 9:30 Saturday night at Deville Apartments in DeKalb. According to Sheriff James Moore, the motive was money.

"They were actually gambling in Deville and got into an argument about $5," says Moore. "He was struck in the side, and the exit wound was to the back."

Sheriff Moore says someone took the victim to the emergency room at the hospital in DeKalb and left him. Initially the shooting left the victim, who is said to be 18 or 19-years-old, critically injured. He was transported to a hospital in Meridian for treatment.

In light of this ordeal, Sheriff Moore is offering residents a reminder for the holidays.

"The holidays are to be merry and joyful, and all of that. This kind of thing is uncalled for."

Initial reports are that the victim was shot once. At last check investigators said there was only one suspect. Authorities have since recovered the weapon that is thought to have been used in the shooting.