Children First: Learning From Mistakes

Twenty-nine-year-old Marcus Blakeney and 20-year-old Brandy Shelby are on a mission, a mission to save others from making the mistakes they've made!

Both convicted of drug charges, Thursday they spoke to 7th graders at Northeast Middle School. Both stressed the importance of choosing the right friends.

"My best friend and my boyfriend at the time were the first to offer the drugs," said Brandy Shelby who's now in the 7th month of her 8-year sentence.

Now serving a 10 year and 8 year sentence respectfully, Marcus and Brandy say jail takes away your freedom.

"You've got guys going with guys in jail. Girls going with girls. You've got guys being raped! We want to let the kids know that McDonald's and Popeyes get taken from you when you get jailed on a felony. Not only that, it's been three years and four months since I entered a store," Marcus said.

In general, inmates get one hour of recreation time each day. For most, the rest of the time is spent in a dayroom with tables and a television. However, for the violent offenders, the remainding 23 hours are spent in Lock Down!

"We try to stress to children that this is an option you have," said Brandy. "You can make a different decision than we did."

"If you see someone that you think is getting away with selling dope, they're going to get caught or killed," said Marcus. "It only takes one time of using or selling drugs and it can ruin your whole life!"