Police Continue Shooting Investigations

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Meridian, Miss.
One man was critically injured in a shooting this weekend, and another person received minor injuries in a separate shooting.

Meridian police continue to look for suspects in these latest shootings as well as in a Dec. 19 homicide.

The latest shooting happened in the 2400 block of 4th Avenue at St. Francis Apartments around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Police said several shots were fired in the apartments and two apartments were hit. Police say at least one person was struck by a bullet and has minor injuries.

"One person who was standing inside one of the apartments was hit in the hand," said Lt. John Griffith. "The shooting is still under investigation, but what we're thinking right now is that this was a random incident or the two apartments weren't the intended targets."

This wasn't the only shooting that took place this weekend. Saturday night a shooting occurred in the 3800 block of 42nd Street. Officials say a man was shot in the back and is in critical condition at a local hospital. The police say they're currently following up on some leads.

"We do have persons of interest that they are pursuing, but we are still investigating the case," Griffith said. "It looks like they're probably related, that we've connected yet, between the shooter and the victim."

Just days before, 29-year-old Fredricus Franklin was fatally shot at the 1900 block of 24th Street around 9:45pm.