MCCSA New Building

Work on the new building for Multi-County Community Service Agency in Meridian has finished. The construction started roughly a year ago. In coming weeks, workers for the agency will move into the offices. Located just yards away from the agency's former building along St. Paul Street in Meridian, the new facility is state-of-the-art.

"Everything for the agency has been upgraded from what we have been use to over the past years here," says MCCSA Board Chairman, Joe Norwood. "We have the best technology that's available to us right now. Our old building was a dinosaur; the roof leaked. Although we had done renovations on it, it needed more renovations."

At 11,000 square feet, the cost for the new building is $1.3 million dollars. Paid for by funds that were raised, grant money and a loan, MCCSA officials say the structure is designed to save the agency some major money.

"I know that for our phone bill, we'll probably cut it in half, and those kind of things. Our power bill probably will be cut in half as well," says Norwood.

When it comes to the new building, MCCSA officials say they went to great lengths to make it energy efficient so they could get the most bang for their buck. For instance, the lights in each room are sensitive to movement, and they go on and off when the first person enters a room, or the last person leaves it.

"Plus, instead of having a facility that heats and cools the whole building, this facility will be heated and cooled by rooms," says Norwood. "So, that way we will be able to cut down on it. You won't have to be able to cool a room or heat a room if no one is in it."

Safety measures were also key concerns in the design of the building.

"If the temperature gets a certain degree, the burner in the kitchen automatically shuts off. There's a fire extinguisher along with other safety stuff that's built above the stove." says Norwood.

With an open house expected to be held in mid-to-late January, Norwood says the workers and community can expect more than just the grand opening of a new building.

"We are reevaluating all of the services that Multi-County provides to the community, and you will see some changes. You will see a new attitude. This facility, I think that everybody is proud of it and ready to get in here, and we'll just continue to serve those who are less fortunate."

Multi-County Community Service Agency serves 9 counties in Central and East Mississippi. They are: Lauderdale, Clarke, Kemper, Newton, Neshoba, Scott, Smith, Leake and Jasper.