Kemper County Road Blitz Continues

Kemper County, Miss. Kemper County authorities are continuing their holiday blitz on the roads and highways in the county.

Lots of people are traveling on Kemper County roads, so law enforcement is keeping a watchful eye on drivers to help keep everyone safe. Many of these people were driving without a valid driver's license or a suspended license. Roads near the Kemper County coal plant are being paid close attention to because of the traffic near it.

"We get all kinds of complaints about the driving habits and when you look at the amount of accidents, either on the county road or state road in that area right there, that will let you know that a lot of people are driving crazy down there," said Kemper County Sheriff James Moore.

Twenty-four arrests were made during a two hour period as part of the holiday blitz on December 19 on Blackwater Road near the coal plant site.