Quitman Residents Experience Loss in Water Pressure

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Quitman, Miss. All is quiet at the water tower in downtown Quitman after crews spent Wednesday repairing a problem that resulted in low pressure for nearly 1,100 water customers in the city of Quitman.

"It wound up being an electrical problem in our main control panel," Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy explains. "That was corrected and we have restored pressure to the system."

Ivy tells Newscenter 11 that while the water is back to normal now, a boil water notice is still in place for the next couple of days. Officials are working to determine how much of a role the weather could have played in this incident.

"It's hard to say if the weather did or did not have a role to play in this incident," Ivy points out. "You know, certainly the cold weather with people leaving water dripping or flowing in their homes was taking a toll on the amount of water that was being used in the system."

Area residents we spoke to off-camera told us they never lost their water completely and it remained clean looking. Ivy says the issue was really more of an inconvenience for businesses than anything.

"Which caused problems with sanitation in structures that had the commercial toilets because they flush on pressure, versus your home that has a tank that causes them to flush," Ivy adds.

The boil water notice will remain in effect in order for the city to be able to properly test the water before lifting that notice.