Lipscomb Speaks

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According to the Associated Press, Col. David Weaver was fired as commanding officer of the 186th Air Refueling Wing in Meridian.

Other sources contend he remains on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of a rebuttal hearing.

Earlier this week, Weaver was relieved of his command. Former commander, Col. Oliver Warren was also implicated for violating regulations in an Air Force Inspector General's report.

The allegations include bigotry, inefficiency, fraud, special treatment for favored members and lack of record keeping for a base liquor store.

The adjutant general of the Mississippi National Guard, Maj. Gen. James Lipscomb, talked to NewsCenter 11 Friday about the controversy.

Lipscomb said he believes Col. Weaver's temporary replacement will do the right thing. Col. Joe Spraggins of Gulfport is acting commander of the 186th.

Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott spoke on the issue Thursday in a news conference with newspaper reporters, saying that the Guard should dwell on its future. Gen. Lipscomb, who met with Lott earlier this week, agreed.

Lipscomb has been was criticized by some for taking disciplinary action too slowly from the time the IG report was issued in December 2002.

But he contends that the charges involved as much as a 10-year period of time, the investigation took two years, therefore, discipline should not be rushed.