Philadelphia Parade Honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Philadelphia, Miss. Hundreds lined the streets of Philadelphia to join in the celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The sounds of people cheering, kids laughing, and great music from local bands filled the air as Philadelphia’s parade marched its way through the streets. It was evident on the faces of the crowd just how special it was for everyone to honor Dr. King. Eva Tisdale, the coordinator of the parade, says this year's parade was bigger than ever.

"I think we had probably 50 entries, I thought it was 40, but in the end it was about 50," Tisdale says. "Normally we have 30, 31 something like that. Every year we increase and get better, we get more cooperation, we could get more than that, hopefully in the future we will organize ourselves a little bit better, so that we have different people working on different things."

It was hard not to be entertained by the performances of Philadelphia, Velma Jackson, Canton and Holmes County high school bands. The rumble of the drum lines could be felt from anywhere in downtown Philadelphia. The weather only helped to make the morning parade all the more pleasant.

"In the years in the past, we're just worried it’s going to rain, because somehow it seems like it rains every time, and then just before the parade, the rain ends," Tisdale explains. "We always pray for good weather, and today was just beautiful from beginning to the end."

Tisdale hopes that next year the organizers will be able to make it even bigger.