Breakfast Educates Youth on MLK History

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Meridian, Miss. Monday is a day to honor civil rights legend, Dr. Martin Luther King.

People will honor him in many ways. In Meridian, there will be the annual breakfast at the local Boys and Girls Club to pay homage to a man who helped shape America into what it is today. The president of Lauderdale County NAACP remembers how the annual breakfast first started, with his mother in their kitchen.

"The annual breakfast, the meridian branch, my mother was responsible for starting the original Martin Luther King breakfast," Randle Jennings, President of Lauderdale County NAACP, says. "I take pride in know that she was conscious of the fact that we needed to honor Dr. King in some kind of way. It's something that we've symbolically tried to carry on that mantle for a while. We think we've done well, the people in the community looks forward to it now every year."

The breakfast is more than just getting a quick bite to eat. It's full of songs and dances which will be performed by the youth in order to better understand the message that Dr. King stood for.

"Normally at the breakfast we bring in an annual speaker, and this year we are honored to have council woman Kim Houston of district 4, ward 4, and we'll have some dances and some mimes and what have you as far as our youth department is participating,” Jennings previews. “Overall it is usually just a celebration of coming together to honor Dr. King but at the same time keep our community motivated, really about what the dream was about and reaching out for the dream.”

The breakfast is only the beginning of the great day that is dedicated to a man that changed this country forever.