Schools "Graded" in Pilot Tests


Last year, schools throughout Mississippi took part in pilot testing for Mississippi's new School Accountability Model.

Results from the pilot assessment test are being used to help districts prepare for the official testing this spring.

It is the testing this spring, which will determine whether or not individual schools are meeting accreditation standards.

With a level five being "Superior," and a level one being "Low-performance," here are the results for Lauderdale County Schools:

Level 5 – Superior
West Lauderdale Elementary

Level 4 – Exemplary
Clarkdale Attendance Center
Northeast Middle School
Northeast High School
Southeast Middle School
West Lauderdale High School

Level 3 – Successful
Southeast Attendance Center
Northeast Elementary

"These scores put us at ease and put pressure on us also because we want all of our schools to reach level five," said LCSD superintendent David Little.

Meanwhile, the news for the Meridian Public School District was not as good.

None of the schools received a level 5 rating.

Level 4 – Exemplary
Poplar Springs Elementary School

Level 3 – Successful
Meridian High School
Northwest Jr. High School
Magnolia Middle School
Oakland Heights Elementary School
West Hills Elementary School

Level 2 - Under-Performing
Parkview Elementary School

Level 1 - Low-Performing
Kate Griffin Jr. High School
Carver Middle School
Crestwood Elementary School
Harris Upper Elementary School
West End Elementary School
Witherspoon Elementary School

"We're disappointed in most of the results this year. We hope that since this is a pilot year and the principals and teachers have had the data to work on since the beginning of the school year, we'll see a great deal of improvement in 2003," said MPS superintendent, Dr. Janet McLin.

To improve test scores, officials from both districts say their instructors are continuing to focus on teaching students the points stressed by the testing curriculum.

The first assessment tests that will count toward accreditation will be given to students this spring. Those results are expected to be available this summer.