CMRC Residents Assist Jackson Salvation Army

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Newton, Miss. It has been a little more than three weeks now since fire destroyed the Salvation Army in Jackson and now some in our area are lending a helping hand.

Central Mississippi Residential Center in Newton collected items that will hopefully go a long way in helping Jackson's Salvation Army get back on its feet. It's all part of a project the residents at CMRC helped organize.

"Our residents have donated items to go to the salvation army," according to Billy Cunningham, community specialist at CMRC says. "Their idea, the staff is just helping. The thing is that the Salvation Army wasn't able to come pick them up, so the young single adults of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints come in handy. They are coming down to pick up and drop off at the Salvation Army."

Back on January 3rd, a fire broke out at the Jackson Salvation Army, burning the whole store to the ground, but fortunately sparing the homeless shelter next door. Because of how close it was to the holiday season, the store was near capacity when the fire happened and an estimated $1.5 million in items were lost during the blaze. No one was injured as a result of the fire, but the fire is having a lasting impact. CMRC just couldn't stand by and do nothing.

"There's more bags than I can count," Cunningham points out. "There are several I've been unloading so far this morning so far. There's 20 bags and that's maybe a fifth of what's in there. The residents have done really well they have donated several items."

After loading 3 car fulls of donations, volunteers headed to Jackson. The three car fulls hardly made a dent in the pile of collections they've gotten so far.

It's believed an electrical short started the fire at the Salvation Army in Jackson.