Musgrove Responds to Issues

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Gov. Ronnie Musgrove visited the Enterprise School District, but faced questions about key issues that may have a huge impact in the area.

Concerning the 186th Air Guard Unit here in Meridian, plagued with allegations of misconduct among its leadership, the governor said the leader of the Mississippi National Guard has acted properly.

"The Adjutant General has taken steps that are consistent with what federal authorities have done," said Musgrove. "He will be unveiling steps as we go to make sure everyone's rights are protected. We want to make sure that the wing is prepared, that they're ready for combat in the event of mobilization."

The Governor also addressed a plan to revive the economically depressed Black Belt region by jointly purchasing about 4,000 acres of land along the Mississippi and Alabama borders.

"We had a Commission on the future of East Central Mississippi and West Central Alabama. We felt like it was important as a region to make sure we enhance and bring better job opportunities to our whole area," said the governor.

"I talked with Gov. Riley and will continue to do so to make sure we can work together to bring jobs to our area," said Musgrove. "The more jobs we bring to central Mississippi, the better off we are. So we're certainly open to the idea and we'll continue to work to bring high paying better jobs to our people right here in East Central Mississippi."