Robbery Suspect Charged


The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department Monday formally charged a suspect in the armed robbery of the Dixie Gas Station at Kewanee Feb. 28.

Robert Preston, 30, was charged with the holdup. He allegedly used a knife to threaten a clerk, and was also with possession of cocaine.

His arrest on Lauderdale-Toomsuba Road came less than three hours after the incident occurred late Friday night.

"The shift working did an exceptional job of spreading out and looking in various areas for the individual," said Maj. Ward Calhoun. "We're glad to be able to locate him before he could perhaps do another armed robbery."

Agents of the East Mississippi Drug Task Force assisted deputies in looking for Preston, using a good description of the getaway car.

At the same time, officers took Richard Lee Harris, 18, into custody. He was charged with possession of cocaine and resisting arrest.