City Council Meets

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It appears Ward 2's Mary Perry will be elected the first female African American president of the Meridian City Council Tuesday night. She will replace Ward 1's George Thomas who has served for the past year.

Another first for the council and the city of Meridian will be an all female administration should Ward 3's Barbara Henson be elected as Vice President, also as expected.

Both would take office in July.

Also on the agenda for Tuesday night will be a proposed resolution for the city to adopt policies, rules and procedures similar to those for state employees in relation to holiday time off.

In the past city employees were given compensatory time off if their work schedule called for them to work on a holiday. But in addition, firefighters and police officers were still given another day off for the holiday even if they were not scheduled to work on that day.

The city administration opposed the practice and along with the firefighters union requested an attorney general's opinion.

The A.G. ruled in favor of the city saying, "There exists no authority for the payment of additional compensation or the award of compensatory time for work on a holiday if the employees normal day off falls on a holiday."

Tuesday night the council will be asked to make that opinion the official rule for the city of Meridian thereby eliminating the extra holiday day off for city workers. The new rule will also discontinue the practice of giving firefighters comp time for performing routine maintenance and repairs during their regular shifts at the fire stations.

The attorney general said there is no authority for a firefighter to receive either comp time or extra pay for performing such service.