Local Pastor Recalls Being Stranded on Interstate

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Meridian, Miss. Antonio Stinner is a pastor at El Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Meridian.

During last week’s snow storm, he was trapped in the Atlanta metro area with nowhere to go. He would remain trapped on Highway 166 at Langford Parkway from 1:30 Tuesday afternoon until 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. So, how do you handle being trapped for 26 hours?

"I handled it, basically talking to God a whole lot and basically just watching Netflix,” Stinner recounts. “A lot of my church family from El Bethel called, my wife called to check on me and make sure I was okay. I was sitting in the car, I had my charger. We couldn't get out because basically the ice was just frozen over the ground."

Although he was stranded, he certainly wasn't alone. Stinner says there were plenty of other people around, all stranded by the ice, and all with at least one thing in common.

"There were a lot of other cars around that I could see,” he says. “Elderly couples, couple of school buses behind us with a bunch of kids on there. So we just made sure everyone was okay letting down windows, made sure everybody wasn't sleeping too much, not having their car on all night, making sure the carbon monoxide didn't get to them."

Even with so many stranded, drivers still helped each other out, and formed bonds and stories out of this experience. Stinner recalls how an elderly couple helped him.

"I made a lot of new friends," he points out. "I met an elderly couple, we talked a lot throughout the night and i really appreciated them because they kept me from panicking."