Mississippi Launches Jobs App

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Jackson, Miss. New tech-tools could make it easier for you to find your next job.

Gov. Phil Bryant first announced the interactive Mississippi Works system in his state of the state address. Monday he showed off the new resource and invited people to sign up.

"Right now we have 26,696 jobs available and we would like to fill every one of those," said Bryant.

The state's playing match maker with the launch of mississippiworks.org.

"When I came into office what I wanted was for Mississippi works to be a one-stop shop," said Bryant.

Here's how it works. Use a computer or smart phone to log in. Put in your information and find jobs that you're interested in. A list of matches for your area and occupation will show up in a list and on a map.

Mark Henry with the Department of Employment Security explained one of the site features.

"It does a skills analysis that tells a person how closely do your skills, your job experience, match the requirements of this job," said Henry.

State Workforce Investment Board chairman, Jay Moon, thinks that feature will help fill a void.

"I represent manufacturers and they tell me on a frequent basis that they cannot find the skilled workers they're looking for," Moon said.

Employers may also use the system to find candidates that best fit their openings. The state will also see savings if the search is faster.

"The average length of time that an unemployed Mississippian draws unemployment benefits before finding a job has recently fallen from 17 weeks to 15 weeks," said Henry.

College grads can use Mississippi Grad Jobs to link into the system. Thirteen thousand students have already signed up.

"There are people out there looking for jobs. We have jobs available," said Bryant. "We need to pair those together and get them to work."

The app will allow folks to get notifications right on their phone when new opportunities open.

The developers say they don't know of any other states with this type of system.