Roberson Admits to 'Yielding to Temptation'

Meridian, Miss. In a statement read in open court Tuesday, former Clarkdale high school girls' softball coach, Rick Roberson, admitted to 'yielding to temptation' with two former students during his time at the school.

Roberson's statement was made and signed on Sept. 25, 2012, the day he was arrested on child sex charges by Lauderdale County investigators and fired from the job he had held for more than two decades at the school.

The statement was read as part of the testimony of the first witness called by the state in the case, Lauderdale County Sheriff's investigator David Rosenbaum. In the statement, Roberson also flatly denies claims made by two other young girls.

In the statement, Roberson said he yielded to temptation when he was much younger, but he admitted he was the adult in the situation and should have known better. He apologized for the harm he had done, and said, "I made many mistakes. I am not evil or a predator of young girls. I ask for understanding and mercy. I'm guilty of foolish actions that were never meant to be evil or harmful."

Roberson also said he regretted if any of his actions in the past had been misinterpreted.

Officials say the trial could last until Thursday.