Lauderdale County Cleanup

Not only were the outside of many homes in Dalewood filled with flood waters on Monday, but also the inside.

Nicki and Rusty Falgout's house was one of those homes.

"Within 15 minutes it was about knee high," said Nicki.

Knee-high on the inside that is. The Falgout's moved into their home in Dalewood last May. Less than a year later and they're being forced to redecorate somewhat, with all new flooring.

Red Cross officials who spent the day examining damaged homes in Lauderdale County say the Falgout's are far from being alone.

"We've found that some houses have one to two feet that have come through and damaged the content and affected a lot of people," said Gordon Stewart with the American Red Cross.

Rusty's parents were among the other homeowners affected by the flooding. His mother Dianne says she was shocked.

"This has never happened before. Never before! We've lived here 30 years, but this has never happened before," Diane said.

For homeowners such as the Falgouts, they can't help but reflect on this day. Meanwhile, Red Cross officials say they must look ahead to assess the total amount of damage within Lauderdale County, something that they hope to have available within the next week.

The Red Cross takes care of residents' immediate needs such as food, clothing and shelter. In terms of long term support, the Red Cross can help residents work with insurance companies to help homeowners who need to rebuild.

To contact the Red Cross call 485-5151.