MHP Gets Down to Business

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It was a sea of trooper cars on 8th Avenue on Tuesday for the Troop H district meeting.

The meeting took place, "To inform our troopers and units about what might be transpiring as far as upgrades on laws that were passed in the last legislative session," said one trooper.

"Another important part of today's meeting, giving troopers a heads-up on the latest ways criminals are transporting drugs and weapons across Mississippi's roads," said the troopers. "Over the past Click-It-Or-Ticket campaign, down in Alabama, it was discovered that someone was transporting an illegal weapon in a camera."

One new law that troopers were apprised of Tuesday, the recently passed lower blood alcohol level for a person driving a car. The new law drops that level from point-one percent to point-oh-eight percent.

"Which the general public, the motoring public will need to be notified of this. I'm sure, because it will drop down to that point, and that will affect the DUI laws dramatically in the state. Probably will cause a lot more of the numbers to go up," said Troop H.

The biggest problem facing Troop H, under-staffing. The troop is some 16 members short of where it was just a few years ago. At least three members are currently on active military duty.

"The solution would be, hopefully the finances would be better stable by the next term of the legislature that they can enact some money that we might be able to recruit and hire more troopers and have a school," said one trooper.