Children First: Reading Fun

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Students from all over East Mississippi, K-12, converged on MSU Meridian Thursday with some big-time book reports. Not your typical book reports, mind you, but more of a book project that took a lot of thought and effort.

A.J. Reeves from Morton Elementary chose the Wizard of Oz as his project for this year's fair because it's colorful.

"Well there's lot of color in the Wizard of Oz. There's lots of colorful places," Reeves said.

The East Mississippi Regional Reading Fair is a competition of winners from local reading fairs.

Winners from this round will move on to state competition in Jackson. But the students didn't have to go it alone to build their masterpieces.
They were allowed some help from the family.

"The families got to work together on the project. Of course, we know that family involvement makes a big difference in children and their success in school," said Ann Schroeder of the East Mississippi Center for Educational Development, which sponsored the fair.

Karissa Both from Poplar Springs Elementary dressed the part for her book project, Ann of Green Gables.

"I did it because my mom wanted me to read a book, and I started reading it and I liked it at the end," said Both. "So I did my reading project on it."

The Mississippi Reading Fair is sponsored by the Telephone Pioneers of America, Mississippi BellSouth Chapter, because it wanted to promote reading and success in the lives of these students from K-12.

"That's the number 1 thing. If they can read then they can go on to further education," said pioneer, Laura Riddle.