Red Cross Alert

The phones have been ringing off the hook at the Key Chapter of the American Red Cross, which serves east Mississippi and local counties devastated by flood waters this week.

"It's just been tough," said Linda Crowe, a volunteer with the Red Cross. "There's plenty to do down here, with the soldiers away and there's just something to do."

Officials say more help is needed for the chapter to meet the requests of one hundred families who have sought help.

"We need people who can answer the phones. We need people who we can train immediately to do family services and disaster assessment," said executive director Cheri Barry. "We just need help at the Red Cross."

With thousands of dollars of damage estimated, Red Cross officials also say the need for donations are a big concern.

"Even though, contrary to beliefs, the Red Cross works on donations and we don't have a lot of money here at the chapter and what we depend on is business people who support us during disasters and things that are given to us here can be used locally," said Barry.

Late Wednesday afternoon the Red Cross set out for Clarke County to provide food and shelter for families and volunteers.

Donations like water and food are welcomed, but Red Cross officials say what they really need is money to meet specific needs.

For more information on how you may donate, call 485-5151.