Change for the Better

A grocery store on Highway 16 in DeKalb has taken a new, but still familiar name. The former Piggly Wiggly is now Pilgrim's Foodliner.

Friday marked a special grand opening for the grocery, in business since 1965.

The children of founders, Preacher and Mayzelle Pilgrim, say they changed the name to honor their parents.

"Our father started in the grocery business several years ago, back in the 1930s," said Brenda Pilgrim Lockley. "And in the 1940s, he built a country store, general merchandise store."

"A lot of young people get their first job here. There's lots of young folks who are now bank presidents, lawyers, doctors, who got their first jobs right here at this little store and learned what work was about," said co-owner Mike Pilgrim.

Pilgrim's Foodliner was also remodeled recently, to be more customer-friendly.