North Bypass Discussed

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The latest study on a possible North bypass was conducted by engineer, and former Meridian Mayor, Jimmy Kemp and commissioned by the Town of Marion. Kemp did a slide presentation of maps dating back to 1965 pointing out changes in streets and roadways in the North Hills Street area.

"I don't know of many places where on a two lane road you're handling the kind of traffic that we're having to do in the City of Marion through a residential section," said Kemp.

North Hills Street is residential at both ends. Kemp said real problems have developed for people in north Meridian.

"You go up there and talk to those folks in some of those subdivisions trying to get out of there this morning and come in there," said engineer Jimmy Kemp, who also favored the project during two terms as mayor of Meridian. "And the folks up there, how are they going get over there to the Northeast Industrial Park? How are they going to get over there to Lamar school? How are they going to do that? They don't have any other choice but to come through there."

Marion Mayor Malcolm Threat has pushed the North bypass for years. He told COG members Central District Highway Commissioner Dick Hall has promised to take another look at the idea.

"I'm sure it's going to cost a lot more money now than it would have 20, 25, even 10 years ago," said Mayor Threatt. "We have to deal with the legislature, that they'll see the need to have that area, that bypass around that area. And we hope that they'll see the need and fund it for us, but who knows what will happen."

But as it apparently stands now, the North Meridian bypass is still that, just a hope.