Trio Charged in Meridian Murder Case

Meridian, Miss. Three people have been charged with murder in the death of Christopher Lee Gregory, 27.

Meridian police arrested 21-year old Billy Ray Barrett, 23-year-old Jasper Hill and 23-year-old Terikay Rackley.

Gregory was found dead in a mobile home on Old Marion Road Feb. 13, 2014. It took a couple of weeks just to identify Gregory since he had no ID on him.

MPD Lt. John Griffith says the major turning point in the case was when investigators were finally able to Gregory and from there, everything began to fall into place.

"It's kind of one of those things, one thing leads to another thing," said Griffith. "So as they followed the information coming in or the information they're learning about Christopher Gregory, that's how they got to this point."

Police are not yet releasing how the three are connected with Gregory and why they are suspected of killing him.

Gregory's grandmother told Newscenter 11 on the phone that her family does not know Barrett or Hill, but Rackley... was supposedly a friend of her grandson.

An initial hearing for all three suspects is set for Monday, Mar. 17.

Billy Ray Barrett
Jasper Hill
Terikay Rackley