Override Fails in Senate

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The Mississippi Senate Wednesday, on a 28 to 22 vote, failed to override Gov. Haley Barbour's veto of a bill that would increase Mississippi's cigarette tax while phasing out the state grocery tax.

The governor released a statement after the vote:

"I appreciate the support of the large number of senators who voted to sustain my veto. In this time of fiscal uncertainty caused by Hurricane Katrina, it would not be responsible to allow such a reduction in state revenues," said Barbour. "With this large margin to sustain the veto, I hope we can put this risky tax scheme behind us."

An override takes a two-thirds margin, or 34 votes with 50 senators participating.

A 'yes' vote was a vote for the override, while a 'no' vote was a vote against it. Voting 'yes' were 22 Democrats and 6 Republicans. Voting 'no' were 5 Democrats and 17 Republicans. The voting record is shown below:


Browning, Ecru; Bryan, Amory; Butler, Magnolia; Dawkins, Pass Christian; Dearing, Natchez; Frazier, Jackson; Gollott, Biloxi; Gordon, Okolona; Harden, Jackson; Hyde-Smith, Brookhaven; R. Jackson, Marks; S. Jackson, DeKalb; Jordan, Greenwood; E. Lee, Picayune; Mettetal, Sardis; Posey, Union Church; Thames, Mize; J. Thomas, Yazoo City; Tollison, Oxford; Turner, West Point; Walls, Greenville; Williamson, Philadelphia.

Burton, Newton; G. Jackson, French Camp; King, Petal; Little, Corinth; Nunnelee, Tupelo; Robertson, Moss Point.


Cuevas, Pass Christian; Horhn, Jackson; Simmons, Cleveland; Walley, Leakesville; Wilemon, Belmont.

Albritton, Picayune; Brown, Columbus; Carmichael, Meridian; Chaney, Vicksburg; Clarke, Hollandale; Davis, Hernando; Doxey, Holly Springs; Flowers, Southaven; Hewes, Gulfport; Kirby, Pearl; P. Lee, Mendenhall; Michel, Jackson; Moffatt, Gautier; Morgan, Hattiesburg; Pickering, Soso; Ross, Brandon; White, Terry.


Huggins, Greenwood.