Alabama Church Takes Cold Water Challenge Seriously

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Gilbertown, Ala. Videos of people jumping into cold water are spreading like wildfire on Facebook.

The local source for these viral videos is a pastor at Heritage Church of God in Gilbertown.

Rev. Chris Sowell says it started as just a fun challenge, but is now helping to raise money for a good cause. The money will help dig fresh water wells in Africa.

Sowell says it was horribly cold the day he did his challenge, but all worth it, knowing that it's helping others.

"I got in a little creek here behind the church," said Sowell. "A lot of people were just pouring water on their head or getting under the water hose, so I decided to take it up a notch and get in a creek which was about knee deep so I had to lay down. It was very cold, breath-taking cold. Don't want to do it again."

If you complete the challenge, then you can challenge others to do the same and they have just 24 hours to complete it.

Those who complete the challenge may contact the church to purchase a T-shirt that says you did it. The money goes to charity.

With such a simple challenge for such a good cause, I decided to take up the challenge myself, and I challenge Wade Phillips, Brian Hutton, Jr.., and Candace Barnette to complete this challenge in 24 hours and post it to WTOK's Facebook page.

If you follow through with the challenge, you may acquire a T-shirt by calling heritage Church of God at 251-843-5300.
The cost is a donation of $10.00.

Courtesy: Chris Sowell
Courtesy: Chris Sowell
Will Harkins takes the plunge.