High School Fire

Classes were canceled Friday at Philadelphia High School after a fire there at 6:00 a.m. badly damaged the second floor.

The fire was actually extinguished shortly after firefighters arrived.

"The guys really had a hard time trying to get in and trying to get to the seed of the fire. We know where it started, but we just don't know what caused it," said Capt. Ron Sparnecht of the Philadelphia Fire Dept.

The state fire marshal's office is assisting in the investigation. Officials say they know the fire started in a storage room on the second floor, where cheerleading, prom and other general classroom supplies were kept. It and the driver's education room next to it were severely damaged.

"We had significant damage out there, of course, and out in the halls and a significant amount of smoke," said Dr. Britt Dickens, superintendent of Philadelphia Public Schools.

"When you hear that your school is on fire, your first image of it is that it's gone," said sophomore Elizabeth Bailey.

"We just got new chemistry buildings and all of our new stuff," said Libby Deweese, a junior. "We thought it was gone. It really scared us."

Classes will resume next Tuesday for the high school. All other grades will be back as usual on Monday.