American Pilot Honored by Senate

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An American pilot from the Clarkdale community was honored as a true hero Friday at the state Capitol.

Air Force Capt. Brian Creel led the rescue of five fellow soldiers after their helicopter went down in an Iraqi desert in April 2004.

Lawmakers passed a resolution, authored by Sen. Videt Carmichael of Meridian, honoring Creel, his family and the other 12 crew members in the rescue mission.

Creel reminded senators of other U.S. soldiers around the world who are ready to do the same job at any moment.

"And they're waiting on that call and when that call comes down, they're going to do the same thing, so I just want to remember what they're doing right now, to let me be here in front of you today," said Capt. Creel.

Creel's crew received the Clarence Mackay Trophy for the rescue which happened April 16, 2004. Creel commanded the mission in the dark while facing enemy fire. He's now stationed in Las Vegas.