Final Week of Legislative Session

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Mississippi Representative Greg Snowden says a lot has been accomplished in this legislative session. Snowden says he is particularly proud of the pay raises approved for state employees. He also says the decision to phase in education funding over the next four years was key in putting together the general fund budget.

Snowden says the only real bump in the road this year was the Cigarette and Grocery tax bill and he was quick to point out the legislature was not split down party lines. In fact, Snowden praised the way the two parties have worked together to finalize the budget.

"You've got to work across party lines, and we strive to do that. it's not necessarily bad to have partisanship if what you're talking about is standing up for what you believe in and taking positions based on philosophy and principle, and not just personality," said Snowden. "That's a good thing and if its that kind of positive partisanship it actually helps the system work."

This week the senate will decide whether or not to override Gov. Barbour's most recent veto of the Cigarette and Grocery Tax bill. Snowden says in the coming week legislators will tackle issues concerning imminent domain. And he expects the legislature will try to come to an agreement on the proposed abortion bill which will most abortions.

"There is an understanding, of course, that the ultimate decision as it stands now, will be made by the supreme court," said Snowden. "It's really a statement of principle as much as anything."

Rep. Snowden says there has been agreement on the budget almost across the board. The legislative session is scheduled to adjourn next Sunday. However - baring any disagreement, could dismiss as early as Friday.