Cleanup Continues for Chunky Shoals Fish Camp

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Chunky, Miss. The Chunky River has dropped significantly since Tuesday afternoon, which is especially good news for an area restaurant.

The fans are working overtime inside of Chunky Shoals Fish Camp as it attempts to dry out from the recent flooding. The wooden floors are buckled in a few places, but other than that, the building suffered no major damage.

"We were lucky we didn't lose any power and the freezers and everything were fully operational all the time," co-owner Rick Lewis says.

Lewis tells Newscenter 11 in all, the lower portion of the restaurant saw about two feet of water and the upper portion saw only around six inches. Workers spent the day Wednesday cleaning up and putting the furiture back where it belongs.

"We're cleaning all that and sanitizing it," Lewis explains. "Same thing in the back and in the kitchen. We're having to scrub everything down and getting everything sanitized."

Lewis says the biggest challenge now is making sure the driveway is ready for when customers return. After all, it was completely underwater Tuesday. All in all, lewis tells us things could have been much worse.

"I mean, there's a lot of people that had a lot worse," Lewis points out. "A lot of people have problems with their homes, so this is definitely a best case scenario for us."

The restaurant is expected to reopen Thursday evening.