Early Morning Bomb Threat

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Meridian, Miss. Things quickly escalated at the Bonita Wal-Mart when a bomb threat was called in Thursday around 7:30 a.m. Police Chief James Lee was first on scene followed by more officers who quickly searched the building.

After sweeping the building twice, Meridian police concluded that there was no bomb and that Wal-Mart could resume normal business. One Wal-Mart customer recalls what he was doing when he was told to leave.

"I was in the sporting department, and I had some merchandise I hadn't paid for yet when they told me I had to get out," said Roscoe McCary. "After I came about 100 yards from the store, that’s when I found out it was a bomb threat. Employees and all had to leave."

According to him, no announcement was made. Instead employees went to each customer and told them to leave. He says this helped avoid panic.

"The employees just went around telling individuals to get out," said McCary. "They didn't tell anyone why right then. I didn't see anyone panicking. They did real well because they told people individually to get out, to evacuate."

Newscenter 11 caught up with the police later.

"Once they got on scene they checked the business, cleared it and then told them they could go back to business. We do have some leads but it is still under investigation at this time," according to Detective Dareall Thompson of the Meridian Police Department.