Thousands Visit Downtown Philadelphia for Ham Jam Festival

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Philadelphia, Miss. It's the 13th annual Ham Jam Festival in Downtown Philadelphia and the streets were flooded with visitors from near and far taking in the events of the day. From the vendors, to the food, and even to the main music stage, there was something for everyone to take part in. On a day filled with beautiful weather, everyone came out to bask in the sun.

"The weather cleared off nicely. We had bad weather the first night of the week, but it turned out to be a beautiful weekend," said festival goer Kellie Penson.

"Perfect, it's perfect weather, we couldn't ask for a better day," said Main Street Director Tim Moore.

Those in attendance came out to enjoy the day of fun and were met with almost 100 arts and crafts vendors, 10 food vendors, local entertainment, and a BBQ competition. Since the festivals inception, it has grown bigger and better each year.

"I think whenever they originally started they may have had 30 or 40 arts and crafts vendors and like i said this year they have 90," said Moore.

This year in an attempt to make the fair better organized, the Main Street Organization moved all of the Arts and Crafts vendors from the sidewalks to the inside of the streets and all the food vendors to one street. The reorganization of the vendors was met with praise by one attendee who not only had a booth herself, but came out to enjoy the day.

"I think the set up is great this year, it gives opportunity for people to come and see all the different things Philadelphia has to offer. Also, it's a great family environment, everything is set up really nicely," said Penson.

The festival takes place the second weekend of every April.