Heads and Tails

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A program in Lauderdale County pays bounties to landowners who kill beavers and bring the tails in as proof. The bounty fund for 2003 was $7,000 and it is now all gone. Lamar Gunter, head of the county's Soil Conservation District, asked the board for more funding Thursday.

"The thing that kind of shocked us was, we knew that people were banking beaver, you know, from last year," said Gunter. "They told us that after we could no longer pay for them so basically what we did was this year we got our check from the board of supervisors on Feb. 11 and by Feb. 25, we were out of money."

The county paid $25 for each beaver tail turned in. Two hundred eighty tails were turned in this year. Gunter says the only way to keep the program going is to allocate additional money.

"You put $7,000 in. We had $4.91 cents left from last year and we had one guy who took $4.91 for a tail this year," said Gunter. "We're down to actually nothing."

The supervisors agreed to fund the program with an additional $5,000, reduce the bounty to $18.75 per tail, and allow a maximum of 10 tails per person to be redeemed for payment.