Children First: Health Rocks

Teaching kids healthy lifestyles is important to their futures. That's the message of Newton County 4-H and its youth camp now underway.

"We're teaching youth all about what not to do," said Katrina McCalphia, 4-H Youth Agent. "We're teaching them about tobacco and alcohol and what it does to their body."

The "Health Rocks Spring Break Day Camp" continues through Friday at the American Legio Hut on Highway 15 in Decatur.

"Hopefully, the education that we're teaching them throughout this week will help them to make wise decisions once they're an adult," said McCalphia.

"It's just a good way of getting them thinking about what's important to them and what their priorities are," said student Beth Alexander.

"It is to show kids in a fun way but on the level that they will understand about not doing alcohol and not doing drugs or smoking or using tobacco products," Shunda Bogan said.

McCalphia said that's the main objective of 4-H, helping young people make decisions wisely.