Arts in the Park

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For the first time in it's 35 year history, Meridian's Arts in the Park Festival wasn't held in Highland Park. Instead, this year organizers chose Bonita Lakes Park, and so far they say the decision is a success.

From jewelry to paintings...all kinds of art work were on display for Arts in the Park. Among the paintings, you could find just about any style that you like.

"I don't paint like most people do. I paint with house paint and this is blue stone ground grits and this is white stone ground grits and it's OK to touch my art 'cause I love the texture and mix it with house paint," said Birmingham artist She-She.

You read correctly, She-She she paints with grits. She also uses paper bags and egg shells. However, not all of the artwork being showcased was non-traditional. Events like Arts in the Park are vital for both the community and the artists.

"The arts are important to any community. It brings tourists in. It generates money not just in hotels, but in restaurants, and also goes back into gas," said Meridian Council of Arts President Debbie Martin. "The arts helps make people more rounded."

"It's really important to come to these events. That's the only way you're going to get your work in front of people," said Birmingham artist Linda Dunn. "You have to get your name in front of people so you start getting some name recognition. That helps sales tremendously."

Organizers say that moving Arts in the Park to Bonita Lakes Park is something that has been a success. Vendors agree that the move was a good one.