Pinnacle Institute of Choral Music

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The newly formed Pinnacle Institute of Choral Music is committed to a higher standard of coral music and community service. Members say that music crosses all boundaries and they plan to bring people together with sweet harmony.

With only moments to go before a performance the Pinnacle Institute Conference Choir squeezes in a last minute rehearsal at Central United Methodist Church Sunday night.

The Institute incorporated in January and already their first concert endeavor, bringing in the Mississippi Mass Choir, packed Meridian's Temple Theater Saturday night. Members say the reason is simple, because music crosses all lines.

"We have people coming from all over the state of Mississippi to be a part of this, because music is the great equalizer," said Eartha Matthews Executive Secretary of the Pinnacle Institute. "It brings people together regardless of creed, nationality, whatever..."

But it's more than just the performances - the organization is dedicated to improving the quality of musical education. In addition to a series of concerts, the Institute will be awarding scholarship money to deserving young people, and working to further the arts in our community.

"Now is a great time to embrace the arts - we're working together with other local arts agencies," said Executive Director Pinnacle Institute. "And we can do something incredible not just for meridian but for the entire state."

Crenshaw says his love for music is where the inspiration came from. And members say that's the whole point, bringing people together and celebrating all forms of choral music...

"If we continue to sing together it will make for a better community and a better state and a better world," said Project Director Sandra Lane.

Sunday night's performance at Central United Methodist Church wraps up a week long Pinnacle Institute conference.