Choctaw Stickball

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The game of Stickball goes back further than anyone can remember. Since 1978, the Sacred Run has been taking place across the United States. Sunday the two officially met.

Sacred Run organizer Dennis Banks says that the run brings the message that all life is sacred. The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians hosted a stickball game for those taking part in the Sacred Run.

"This is for the Sacred Run that's coming through here. Dennis Banks has never seen the game played before," said Stickball Official Ron Alex. "So we're just doing this for a benefit game for them."

Even though he's never seen a game...Banks was somehow recruited to play.

"I would like to be a spectator today, but they gave me a t-shirt and they gave me some sticks and I'll probably get in there one play, but I'm not a player," said Banks.

Like all sports, Stickball has evolved over time. The game has gotten more organized and the field is now smaller. In fact, some games played many years ago used a mile-long field. Now the game is played on a football field. Though used for entertainment now, the game was not always that way.

"The game is also, in elder days, was used to settle disputes between two Choctaw Villages and some of the other tribes, mostly over hunting territory," said Dr. Kennith York.

If you would like to take in a Stickball game, the World Series of Stickball Playoffs will take place at Choctaw Central's football field during the Choctaw Indian Fair...July 12 through the 15th.