Hurricane Recovery Ongoing at Camp Meridale

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Seven months ago, Hurricane Katrina blew through Camp Meridale, knocking over trees and damaging almost every building on the grounds. Now, with the help of a special group of volunteers, Camp Meridale is beginning to shine once again.

"They have cut and piled and burned by hand. It has just been amazing what they have done," said camp ranger Robin Kennedy.

Who are these miracle workers? They are a group of specially-trained Americas volunteers. They went through an additional week of training with the Department of Wildlife in Maryland to fight wildfires.

"We learned a lot about fire safety and how to put them out," said Alaina Hession, an Americas volunteer, "We are trained to fight wildfires."

For the past four weeks, the volunteers have been cutting and burning debris. They are especially proud of the work they did clearing the lake. They had to wade into the water and remove trees and limbs by hand.

"Basically we are doing what we have been doing for the past four weeks," said Hession. "Gathering debris that is down from Katrina, piling it up and burning."

Officials with Camp Meridale say they are confident they will be open by the first week in June.