Woman Cleared in Clarke County Murder Case

Clarke County, Mississippi Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp says a woman has been cleared in last week's murder of 28-year old Cierra Simms of Meridian.

Simms' body was found dumped in the woods last week near Basic City. Charlene Ruffin was wanted as a person of interest in the case, but Sheriff Kemp says Ruffin has now been cleared of any involvment. The sheriff says the only person charged in the case is Rodney Johnson-- who faces murder charges.

"We believe that this individual acted alone," said Sheriff Kemp. "Any other involvement that anybody else has is gonna be strictly after the fact. So if anybody has any information pertaining to this case, that hasn't come forward as of now, please contact us. It's very important for you to come forward now, instead of us having to find out later that you may have had involvement with this individual."

If you have any further information, you can call the Clarke County Sheriff's Department a call at 601-776-5252.