City Says Lake to Be Restored Soon

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For nearly four years, the lower lake at Bonita Lakes Park has been dry. Leaks in the dam were a safety concern and the water was drained until they could be repaired. Those repairs are now finished and the lower lake will soon be back to normal, city officials say.

"We drained the lake because of safety reasons, because the dam had some weak spots in it. Those repairs have been made," said Monty Jackson, Meridian's Public Works director.

Heavy equipment is currently reshaping the floor of the lake. They are also forming a bank closer to the water level so access to the lake will be easier for fishing. As soon as that is complete, Jackson said the water will begin to rise.

"As soon as we get the equipment out of there we will start getting water into the lake at a faster rate," Jackson said.

The lower lake at Bonita played host to a variety of recreational activities. Paddle boats were once offered by a private vendor and a beach was also a popular attraction for sunbathers. The level of capacity will depend on park-goers.

Depending on the amount of rainfall, Jackson says the lower lake could be restored to its original water level within a few weeks.