Whiskey Case

The case involved the owners of seven boxes of collector's edition whiskey. Roger Burge and his brother John, both from Louisville, Kentucky were suing Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp to have their whiskey returned.

The cases of whisky were confiscated last fall when a state trooper on Interstate 59 in Clarke County stopped the Burges. The alcohol was stored at the sheriff's department.

During the stop, the driver was charged with careless driving and possession of alcohol in a dry county. The possession charge was later dropped and the Burge's requested the return of their whiskey.

In Monday's hearing a judge saw differently and based on Mississippi Code 67-1-18 ruled that the whiskey should be turned over to the state tax commission.

"The laws in Mississippi are not clear. I tried to make them clear," said the plaintiff's attorney Nick Kramer.

"Personally, I think the laws are clear," said defense attorney Robbie Jones. "This is just the problem you have with some companies that are dry and some that are not."

"If my clients desire to pursue this with the state tax commission, we'll do that if not we'll take another course," said Kramer.

"I'm not going to say what I'll do," said Roger Burge.

The seven cases of NFL collector's edition whiskey are valued at about $1,600. Although expensive, Burge says the real issue is not necessarily the whiskey but instead the principle.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Kemp stands behind his decision.

"And I'll do it again," said Kemp. "That's what the people of this county elected me to do is to enforce the laws of Mississippi and that's what I'll continue to do."

Shortly after the ruling the whiskey was transported to the state tax commission in Jackson.