The Golden Moon Hosts Emergency Managers

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Philadelphia, Miss. A plane crash was the scenario acted out by east Mississippi and west Alabama emergency managers. During a training session in Philadelphia, local emergency managers were given an exercise to practice press conferences and briefings in which they played out the scenario a plane crashing near an airport.

Eddie Ivy, of the Clarke County EMA, says "On the final scenario of the exercise we were given a plane crash that we had to work through, prepare a briefing, ad deliver that to the class as if it were actually happening. It actually gave us a lot of opportunity to prepare for what's actually going to happen in the real world."

After giving their briefings of what happened, the groups of managers were grilled with questions, interrupted by more questions, and even harassed when they didn't answer question. All of this was done to give the best simulation possible for a real world scenario.

Ivy says "Part of the course covered what you prepare for in a media briefing or an interview, making sure that we are able to provide information in a timely manner and with correctness. It also gave us practice at working with media and interviews.

This training is intended to make sure that emergency managers can be best prepared during emergency situation.