New Evidence Presented in Meadors Hearing

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Meridian, Miss. There were arguments heard from both sides in the reopening of former police officer Adam Meadors' hearing, as new evidence was presented to the five Civil Service commissioners. Meadors, who was fired last fall after posting a photo on his Facebook page that some deemed racist, has since been working to get reinstated. Meadors' attorney, David Linder, says he feels the evidence is sufficient enough to reinstate Meadors as an officer of the city of Meridian.

"I believe that we presented a very good case based on Mr. Meadors' First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights, based upon the city's failure to follow the civil service rules in terminating Officer Meadors," said Linder. "Also, based upon the fact that his own Facebook post in question doesn't warrant a firing."

The new evidence placed before the commission was a testimony from Community Watch Facebook page administrator Sidney Covington. She states that based on the information she has from their archives, Adam Meadors never posted the photo in question to the Community Watch Facebook page. City Attorney Michael Goggans simply states that whether Meadors did or did not post to the Community Watch Facebook is irrelevant.

"Adam Meadors admitted on the stand that he posted the materials to his own Facebook page," said Goggans. "We have proof of that posting, separate apart from his own admission and he also admitted it to the Internal Affairs investigation. Whether he posted one time or 100 times, it's still a violation of the policy."

By the end of the hearing, the civil service commissioners said they had reached a decision about whether to reinstate Meadors, but the panel will issue it later in the week.

Linder says it's not unusual for the Civil Service commissioners to wait a few days to issue their decision because appeal decisions have to be in writing.