Chicks Get Fried

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Several country radio stations around the nation have decided to ban songs by the Dixie Chicks, one of the hottest acts in the business.

Lead singer Natalie Maines said while on tour in London that she's, "ashamed," President Bush is from her home state, Texas. The remark related to her own opposition to war with Iraq.

Maines has since apologized, but there's been a backlash in the United States that may not subside soon.

Meridian radio station, WOKK, has joined others in pulling Chicks' songs from their play lists.

"It runs deep here, the red white and blue," said Scotty Ray, program director of WOKK. "And when someone goes against that you have to step back and ask, is this the right thing? Should we be playing this?"

"The outpouring of calls to 97 OKK have been awesome. Tons of people calling in saying, if you play them, we aren't going to listen to your station anymore," said Ray. "And if you get three calls you kind of shrug it off. But when you get three hours of solid calls saying you can't let this happen, you've got to stand for something."

Ray said that WOKK stands by its decision.