Voting Machines Demonstrated

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New voting machines are on the way to Lauderdale County and were available for a demonstration Thursday at Meridian's Bonita Lakes Mall.

The touch-screen voting machines are part of a statewide upgrade of voting technology.

The machines are designed to be more user-friendly than paper ballots and come with modifications for those who are visually impaired or who have poor reading skills.

One hundred seventy six state-funded machines have been ordered for the Democratic primary in June. Twenty four additional machines have been ordered by Lauderdale County.

"Everyone's apprehensive when they have something new, but I think once we get started and they vote on them a couple of times, I think they'll love them, I really do," said Lauderdale County Election Commission Chairman Ann Watts.

Any group interested in a demonstration may call the Election Commission at 601-482-9808.