Mississippi Democrat 'Working' for Cochran

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Jackson, Miss. The Republican race for U.S. Senate in Mississippi has been muddy for months and there's an additional reason why as it nears the end.

New questions have arisen about how genuine some of the campaign efforts may be.

One of the people who state Democratic Party chairman, Rickey Cole, considers to be one of his own is now working for the 'other side'.

"Mr. (James "Scooby Doo") Warren was paid has been paid or is being paid to get out the vote in predominantly African American precincts in Jackson and in the Delta in support of Senator Cochran," said Cole.

Warren confirms that he is organizing a get-out-the-vote plan but is not working directly for the Cochran campaign. He says he is working for the All Citizens of Mississippi political action committee. It is headed up by Bishop Ronnie Crudup of Jackson's New Horizon Church.

Despite the fact that it's completely legal, Cole is concerned about encouraging Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary.

"I think games like this muddy the waters and make it more difficult for members of a political party to decide who their nominee should be," Cole said.

Meanwhile, the campaigns are rolling on to their next stops.

U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran spoke to a group in Magee Tuesday morning. He's trying to put the focus on experience.

"I feel an obligation to continue to serve and make sure that we get our fair share of federal dollars. We need that," Cochran said.

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund held a news conference to update the work it's doing to get out the vote for Chris McDaniel.

"Here in Mississippi we have a candidate who is standing up for our values, our personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt free future," said Jenny Beth Martin.

The group says members have knocked on 14,000 doors and made 25,000 calls. They plan to continue to do more of the same in the next seven days.

Over 1400 votes separated McDaniel and Cochran in the first primary.